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Take a pledge to reduce your impact on the planet and inspire change for a fairer, more equitable world.

Take One Step. Easy action, small challenges.

The world is warming, biodiversity loss is happening around us, and poverty, gender equality and food security are all real issues. Business as usual needs a shake up. World governments and many leading companies agreed this year to act on 17 ambitious new Sustainable Development Goals. But what can you do? Well, it all starts with one step. Your action can make a difference, whether it's in business, in politics or in your own life.

Be the change the world needs. It only takes one STEP to change a habit. Think about something you've always wanted to do to make the world a better place. Just one. And commit to it for the next week, month or year. Join the movement and take up the challenge today.

What others are doing

Whether it’s getting back on the bike and reducing your car miles or making a commitment to ditch wasteful food packaging, no matter what action you take, every small step makes a big difference in a world that needs positive change.

How it works

STEP ONE: Join the community and commit to a challenge
Sign up to the Take One Step portal to start your challenge, read up on articles, take quizzes and connect with others.
STEP TWO: Post your progress and share how you’re tracking
Add progress to your step with images, videos or words - get your creative juices flowing and show us how you’ve been busy!
STEP THREE: Earn your badges and apply for the Business of the Future Event
If you’re a 1st or 2nd year Monash Business School student, earn five badges through milestones on the platform and apply for an exclusive evening with the CEO of L’Oreal Australia and the Dean of Monash Business School. Learn how a leading company is driving sustainability, how risk and reputation are driving this shift and how companies are looking for graduates like you, who have the skills to lead this change.