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Dorothy Mak
reduce carbon footprint by travel locally before going overseas
Dorothy Mak
think before shop, better use before throw, check the production before purchase
Dorothy Mak
Switch off the computers' monitors in campus whenever you leave your seats and power off the computers after finish
Arthur Kyriakopoulos
Simply ride my bike as much as I can whenever it's feasible. Instead of driving to soccer, the train station and friend's houses I'll ride my bike. The end goal will be to implement a bike riding scheme at Monash Clayton to get people to ride bikes to and from Huntingdale station instead of catching the bus.
Natalie Laussade-Long
I am sometimes guilty of sleeping in too much, and i will often miss my bus and have to take the car to the station. Occasionaly i will even have to drive all the way to university, which is a waste of money, time (that could be spent studying) and of course- a big waste of fuel. I will aim to reduce this by getting up early enough to catch my first bus! And checking up on the PTV to see what time it comes.
Gayani Gunawardhana
I'm always using reusable bottles and fill it up everyday. It's not that hard once you get used to it. Eventually you will save money and drink more water.
Gayani Gunawardhana
Luckily, we live in a country that water is not a problem. However, that doesn't mean that we must not reduce our water consumption. I found that I can bath perfectly with only 2 buckets of water. I know it is really difficult to change into such behaviour but try to do it at least once per week to save water.
Max Nichols
I'm hoping to reduce my carbon footprint from the resources used in producing plastic and the amount of waste ending in landfill & natural habitats. I will do this by attempting to be more conscientious of the products i'm purchasing and their packaging. I also hope to increase the awareness of the Redcycle program and try and persuade 5 of my friends to use reusable coffee cups. Recently I have been involved with my local State member of Parliament in order to discuss a state wide ban of single use plastics from stores. This involved copious research into the topic. To track my Sustainable Development Goal, I'll record each item of non-reusable plastic that I purchase or use for 3 months and make a list of the people I can get to commit to reusable cups.
Gayani Gunawardhana
Sometimes people hit the print button because we are used to see things on paper. However, most of the time compulsion to print is unnecessary. I don’t think people should stop printing but before you do it think whether it is really important.
Gayani Gunawardhana
I live in an apartment and we have 5 garbage bins. However, I noticed that people don’t separate their waste and put into one garbage bin. So, I decided to print some leaflets and distribute among all tenants live in this place, and put a sticker on bins mentioning which type of waste they can put into those.
Gayani Gunawardhana
I'm buying groceries at least 3 times per month. In every time, I went to buy groceries I may have to use minimum 2 bags and this could be more in days that I have to buy more stuff. That means I'm taking more than 4 polythene bags in every month. If people continue such behaviour, think how much of polythene would fill in this city. You do the math. So, I decided change into reusable clothing bags to buy groceries instead of polythene bags. This helps me to take one step to reduce my environmental footprint.
Yuen Fung Lam
Get a MPA keepcup, and use it everytime I buy coffee to reduce waste of disposal cup.
Leanne Nguyen
In order to further reduce my carbon footprint and impact on the world, I will start reducing my meat and animal product consumption. This will help me to eventually transition to a solely plant-based/vegan diet, which is not only great for my health but also for the environment as I will no longer be supporting the meat industry.