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SDG 13: Climate action

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When I go shopping, I already use reusable bags, and refuse to buy produce that comes wrapped in plastic. To take this one step further I want to seek out grocers that allow me to buy things using my own reuseable packaging, like rice, pasta, nut, spices ect.



Rita Scott | 11/01/2017 - 22:09

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Yes to recycled toilet paper

Promote the impacts non-recycled toilet paper has on the environment, such as 27,000 trees cut down a day to produce toilet paper. As well as convert more toilet paper in my university to recycled toilet paper


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Pollution-free commute

I pledge to ride my bicycle from home to university everyday, which is approximately a 6 km ride. This will hopefully encourage my friends and family to reduce their dependence on fossil-fuel run vehicles, which will also reduce traffic congestion on the road and improve their health as well!


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Less dryer useage

Make sure to try and get washing hung out rather than needing to use the drier and waste energy.


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Compost to reduce food waste

I will build and commit to using a compost pile at home in order to reduce food waste entering landfill and harming the environment. As a benefit, I'll be able to get great breakdown products out of the compost for use on the garden.


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travel wise

reduce carbon footprint by travel locally before going overseas


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Study Green

Switch off the computers' monitors in campus whenever you leave your seats and power off the computers after finish


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Simply ride my bike as much as I can whenever it's feasible. Instead of driving to soccer, the train station and friend's houses I'll ride my bike. The end goal will be to implement a bike riding scheme at Monash Clayton to get people to ride bikes to and from Huntingdale station instead of catching the bus.


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Increasing use of PTV

I am sometimes guilty of sleeping in too much, and i will often miss my bus and have to take the car to the station. Occasionaly i will even have to drive all the way to university, which is a waste of money, time (that could be spent studying) and of course- a big waste of fuel. I will aim to reduce this by getting up early enough to catch my first bus! And checking up on the PTV to see what time it comes.


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say no to bottled water

I'm always using reusable bottles and fill it up everyday. It's not that hard once you get used to it. Eventually you will save money and drink more water.



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